New to social media? The sheer availability of social networks can intimidate some small business owners when developing a social media strategy. In the digital age, social media is essential to advertising and raising brand awareness. If your small business is struggling or just trying to grasp how social media works, here are several tips for how you can go about promoting your company on sites like Facebook:

Social media is not like traditional advertising channels. It’s a whole new arena where companies get to interact with customers in an intimate manner. So, if you want your company to succeed on social media, aim to become familiar with the customers. For example, and advertising expert like WME uses their Facebook profile for WME Reviews as well as to reach out to customers in a personal manner.

People expect to interact with businesses and brands on social media much like they do with friends and acquaintances. That is to say, no one will like a social media profile that is too formal. So, let go of your business-like persona online, and adopt a friendly tone. People will naturally prefer to interact with your company in this manner.

Don’t forget that social media results can rank high among search results. Also, most people interact with businesses mainly on their social network pages. So, on your business profiles, you must list addresses and contact information. For example, the WME Reviews page also has contact information for the company. Platforms like Facebook make it possible for customers to ask questions and seek support directly from businesses. So, be prepared to extend customer support right away. People will often send your company IMs and chat messages. You must respond to these immediately.

Don’t forget to keep fans and followers engaged by posting links to relevant links. This goes beyond posting cat videos. Your company, ideally, should create unique content to share on social media, possibly to a viral extent. On the other hand, you can post third-party links to content that interest your customers, so they keep re-sharing your post and your company’s name gets out there. Remember that sharing is key to success of social media marketing.

Don’t expect to learn all about social media marketing in one go. It will take some time as there’s lot to learn. You can start your social media campaign with one or two networks in a basic manner. Slowly and gently, you can upgrade your campaign. Meanwhile, follow the above tips.

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